Leadership is not the power derived from a given role; but the ability to accept responsibility and deliver them in real life again and again and again

Q-Pro Strategic Allianzes is founded by Ram, an ACA and CPA of USA. Having 20 years of Experience in corporate finance, project funding, VC facing, governance, Board’s presentation, legal and audit, profit-centre management, driving business strategies and so on in leading companies in the Industry in India.

Besides the above, Ram has 10 Years of entrepreneurial experience in Health care BPO, Corporate training, and Education. He is tech savvy. He advocates technology in learning.

As a person

He looks to explore things in life with an inquisitive bent of mind for the creations in the Universe. As a person: happy, adventurous, energetic and brutally honest. The other interests include cooking, tennis, reading and tourism.

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+91 98451 84524
mail : ram@qpro-inc.com