CFO Business Partner Program

One of the main challenges for all business organization, more spelt for SMEs, that how to grow with the right numbers year-after-year? There is a need to link financial rigor and strategic insight; and to disseminate and drive CEO’s business objectives.

A role of a modern and evolving CFO is imperative in all business organization for growth, profitability, cost leadership, value creation and sustenance.

Our CFO Business Partner Program supports SMEs and Start-ups to achieve and sustain their goals.

  • Business drivers management
    • Driver variance and control management
  • Sustainability mapping and strategy execution
    • Define business model
    • Sales channel structuring
  • P and L management
    • Business Model review
    • ROI analysis
    • Pricing and contract negotiations
  • Corporate Management
    • Building value systematically and proper accounting / presenting
    • Storey building and creating ripples
    • Investment planning and fund raising
    • Risk management